2009 Year End Report

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I would like to start my 2010 by looking back.  2009 has ended, but everything seems to be just starting with my website – AJM Tech Consulting ( http://alxjm.com).  I would like to share the progress report of my website through a graphical presentation at the bottom of this article which I admit, is very slow in getting its audience share in the web.

My objective in 2010 is to increase my website visitors by a minimum of ten times the number of total visitors I got in 2009.  Is it wishful thinking? Is it like counting the stars? Or is it attainable?  In three months time of blogging, reading e-books, consultations with other bloggers, reading forums, and so on, I have learned a lot.  I realized that everything is possible as long as you:

  1. set your goals,
  2. focus and look for ways in attaining your goals,
  3. get help,
  4. love what you are doing,
  5. work for it.

And what do I intend to do this year?

  1. Blog my heart out.  Focus on topics that may be of help to everyone.
  2. Get back to Facebook Applications(thanks Marhgil).  After quitting applications such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafe World, Restaurant City and others for almost two months, I am playing again.  I just realized that I should not quit on any technology.  This time, I will not let Facebook applications control me, rather, I use these applications to benefit me and my website readers.  Technology is developed and continuously improved to be utilized and make everyone’s life productive and enjoyable.  Except for porn sites, I will be exploring more gaming sites, social networking, and just about everything that maybe helpful, enjoyable and useful even to my work.
  3. Work my heart out.  I am a workaholic ever since.  I work as if there is no tomorrow.  I wake up as early as 5am to prepare myself to be at my work place before 7am.  I usually sleep late in the evening.  I work at an average of 12 hours every day.  Thanks to the strictness of my mother since I was a child.  One more thing, I love my work.
  4. Help other Bloggers.  One thing I learned, during the time that I was starting this website is that you cannot make it successful if you are alone.  When I need help, I ask for it and someone responded wholeheartedly and willingly (Thanks Marhgil Macuha of Macuha.com and Selaplana of Selaplana.com).  Even though my site is not yet considered successful considering the low number of visitors and income generated from ads(just reach a little over $10 with Google adsense at the end of 2009), I don’t think that it should be the gauge to help others.  This time around, I think it is time to share everything I have learned from my virtual friends. It is about time to pay forward.

Herewith is the progress report of my website in its 3 1/2 months of existence.


This website came into existence September 15, 2009

December 2009 was the busiest month for the year

Most of my website visitors came from the Philippines and US

Google is the topnotch search engine that lead visitors to my website

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