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Dreams can be defined as a state of consciousness occurring during sleep.  There has been a lot of researches since the mid-19th century with the goal of establishing a clearer picture of the nature of dreams.  During our dreams, we experience a very intimate emotional experience that interrelates our past, present and future experience.  According to Aristotle “the skillful interpreter of dreams is he who has the faculty of observing resemblances.”  Whew!

But based on personal experiences and interviews with friends and relatives, they have their individual interpretations of their dreams.  I am listing below some of the most common dreams I experienced in comparison with the dreams of people I interviewed and our common interpretations.  I would like to reiterate that these are personal explanations.  You may have your own interpretations and I would appreciate if you will give your feedback.  Herewith is the list of things that are usually part of our dreams:

  • Air.  Clean air means success.  Foggy or unclear air means that a decision should be postponed to avoid problems.
  • Airplane.  If you are the pilot in your dream, then you can expect great success in business.
  • Cat.  Dream of cats is a bad sign.  But if you chased the cat in your dream, this will bring luck.
  • Cock.  Hearing a crowing cock is a lucky sign.  But fighting cocks is a warning of disagreements in the family.
  • Coconut.  Having a coconut in your dream is a preview of an upcoming gift which is usually in the form of money.
  • Dog.  Dreaming of dogs barking happily is a good sign.  Dogs barking fiercely is a sign of legal troubles.
  • Door.  If doors are closed or locked, this means that you will be missing a great opportunity.  Opened door brings about realization of hopes.
  • Eating.  Eating with guests in your dreams is a good sign, while eating alone is a warning of losing a friend.
  • Elephant.  A calm elephant in your dreams may mean a very good luck.
  • Fire.  Warning that problem is coming.
  • Frogs.  Hearing frogs in your dream signifies satisfaction and success.
  • Hole.  Falling in a hole in your dream is a warning against having companions.  But hole in clothes means financial success.
  • Horn.  If you hear the sound of a horn in your dream, then good news will come your way.
  • Horse.  When you dream of racing horse, this signifies swift success.  But getting kicked by a horse is a wake-up call of being too relax in everything that you are doing.
  • Hospital.  If you were taken into a hospital in your dream, it serves as a warning of upcoming work load that you will carry alone meaning you should seek help when in such situation.
  • House.  If you build a house in your dream, then success will come.
  • Jewelry.  Display of jewelries is a warning of being carried away by material things.  Giving or receiving jewelries is a sign of financial gains.
  • Money.  Giving or receiving money in your dream is a good sign.  But losing money in your dream means bad luck.
  • Numbers.  Dreaming of a number that cannot be recalled means that you will experience confusion.  But when you remember such number, good luck will come associated with that number.
  • Pillow.  If the pillow is dirty, then expect trouble because of your own doing, otherwise, good things will come your way.
  • Quicksand.  If you dream of being in the quick sand is a warning against meddling with the affairs of other people.  Pulling others away from a quicksand means a steady rise in finances.
  • Teeth.  Dream of aching teeth usually means family quarrel.  Dream of loosing teeth is a sign of losing a dear friend or relative.  Getting your teeth filled in your dreams is a promise of good things to come.
  • Telephone.  Unusable telephone brings about sad news.
  • Water.  If you drink cold water in your dream, this will bring good luck to you.  Hot water is a sign of unfortunate events in your undertakings.
  • Windows.  Broken windows may mean that a change in residence is imminent.  Opened window means success, while closed window indicates escape from problems.

There are a lot more dreams that you might have experienced.  I would like to encourage you to give out some of your dreams in the comments section together with your interpretations.  If you have your own list of dreams and its meaning in your site then I am very much welcome to link with your site.

I will be posting your site with links here:

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