My Last Day In Office For 2009

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Last night, the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas (LPU) family celebrated our University Christmas Party highlighted by the performances of the different divisions.  Who would ever have thought of making our University President, Peter P. Laurel, dance with the tune of “So Sexy” together with the Vice Presidents.  The President also won the Best Costume award with his Zeus, the Roman God of Lightning and Thunder, costume.  It was really a festive and fun-filled evening.  Ham was given as a gift for more than 400 early birds and three major prizes were raffled off.

Today is the my last day of office work for 2009.  The surrounding is very solemn with no students loitering and the different offices are busy preparing for their Christmas party later in the day.   The cool breeze let’s you feel that Christmas is near.  My mind is really in vacation mode right now.  The days of 2009 is waning, I can’t help but reminisced the blessings I received the whole year round.  Having my job is already a blessing, with the thinking that there are billions of jobless around the globe.  I am also blessed to have two knowledgeable, hardworking and responsible Senior Programmers, Ricardo Cena and Elmer Badillo who are both behind the success of all our projects this year.  Well, everything would not have been possible without the support of the management of LPU specially our ever dynamic University President Peter P. Laurel and the whole Laurel family.  I envisioned 2010 to be a very busy year once again.  I haven’t finished my “things to do” for 2010 yet. Hopefully before the year ends, I will be able to post that list.

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