Gift-giving is showing our love to our kids.  But are we handing out the right gift to them?  Here are some guidelines in your search for gifts to your kids in any occasion:

  1. Money.  Handing out cash takes away the excitement of gift giving.  And besides, kids do not realize and appreciate yet the importance of money.
  2. Fragile.   Glass and other breakable items are not advisable for kids who are very mobile and playful.
  3. Pointed.  Avoid giving out items with sharp edges to avoid injuries.
  4. Lead.  Check out the composition and labels of the things that you will give. Be wary of items that contain lead, because this will expose kids to toxic.
  5. Food.  Check out the expiration. We may never know if kids will eat the food you give or just keep it in his cabinet.
  6. Violent.  We do not want to promote violence with the kids.
  7. Suffocating.  Things that might suffocate or strangle our kids should be avoided. Watch out for strings and plastics that might get tied up with the neck and cover the face of our kids.
  8. Noise.  Avoid giving objects that emits too much noise. We do not want to damage the ears of our kids.
  9. Small.  Avoid giving out objects too small that kids might swallow or insert inside their nose or ears.
  10. Battery.  We should watch out for things that are battery operated. We must ensure that the batteries are well secured. Leaking battery is toxic.

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