There are many characters that we sometimes need in our documents but are not readily available from the keyboard.  Most of this characters includes currency symbols, copyright mark, and other special symbols.  Windows has a Character Map program that lets users of Document applications insert special characters and symbols in their documents.  A character map shows all characters and symbols for a specific font.  How to do this?  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Start icon usually located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    start icon
  2. Type char in the Search Field. Notice the Character Map Program on Top of the window.
    Search field
  3. Click Character Map.
    character map
  4. You can now choose the special character or symbol that you need.  To navigate, you can scroll down to find other characters and symbols.  You can select the desired font by clicking on the drop-down button on the Font menu.
  5. To insert a character or symbol, simply double-click your chosen character or symbol.
  6. Click copy.  Go back to your document.
  7. Click on the position where you want to insert your chosen character or symbol.
  8. Press Ctrl-V from the keyboard or Right-click the mouse and select Paste.

This procedure is applicable for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and document applications such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad and Notepad.



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