Who says books are dead?  No! It just got Kindled! If you hate carrying heavy books, then you may try getting a Kindle, an Amazon developed software and hardware platform that displays e-books and other digital media.  Kindle is an e-book reader with a Linux operating system.  It uses a 3.7V 1530mAh lithium polymer battery that last for 1 week.  Kindle uses an E lnk electronic paper display for easier user reading.  Downloading contents in Kindle is done through Amazon’s free Whispernet if you are in the US.  Contents can therefore be downloaded by other users over the internet.  Kindle has a built-in 3G,HSDPA, EDGE/GSM wireless modem for connectivity just like a mobile phone.  The device weighs about 280g that makes it very handy and much lighter than a magazine.  Kindle is a 0.36 inches library that can hold up to 1,500 non-illustrated books.  One of the good thing about Kindle is that, it has reduced the amount of printed books by about 60%.

So, book enthusiasts, let’s Kindle now!

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