Twitter is a very popular internet service that lets its users post messages up to 140 characters and send it to his followers(subscribers).  The Twitter post was limited to 140 characters to maintain its compatibility to mobile phones Short Message Service(SMS).

Here are Twitter‘s special commands and how they are used.

  • @username – Make a public reply to tweet made by the user noted being after the @ sign.
  • D username / DM username- Make a direct message to a specific user.
  • RT @username – To retweet or to repost a tweet and places the original tweeter‘s username.
  • ON username or OFF username – To turn on/off notifications for mobile phones.  Using QUIT and STOP will cut off text messages from Twitter.
  • FOLLOW username or LEAVE username – To have the capability to see and stop seeing the tweets of a user.  This does not mean that the user is permanently removed from your list.
  • WHOIS username – Shows little information about a particular user.
  • GET username – Retrieves a specific user’s recent tweet.
  • STATS – Shows on top the number of followers and being followed by a user

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